Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Durian Crepe...lalala

Durian season is back again!! D24, D101, D13, Musang King...so many types of durian. U can eat it straight away or you can make Durian Cheesecake, Durian Cream Puff, and the latest craze...Durian Crepe! Crepe is a type of very thin pancake made from flour. Crepes are made by pouring a thin liquid batter onto a hot frying pan or flat circular hot plate, often with a trace of butter on the pan's surface. The batter is spread evenly over the cooking surface of the pan or plate either by tilting the pan or by distributing the batter. Crepe originate from Brittany, a region in the northwest of France. Now, Malaysians are very innovative we can change a traditional French recipe into a Malaysian one! The fillings are up to your preferences but for Durian Crepe you fill the crepe with whipped cream and durian. Yummmaayyyy!!!

There are so many Durian Crepe maker mushrooming all over the place. You just have to know your maker in your area. The price varies for a set (either 4 pieces or 6 pieces) you can get for RM10. But believe me, one set is not enough for the whole family! I went for classes to master this recipe, someone told me that it is easy to make but let me tell you if you want the thin crepe and fillings that melt in your mouth it is NOT an easy task! You need to use 5 types of flour just to get the right taste of the crepe. And the right tools and skill to cook it.

For those of you who are not into Durian, you can actually make Mango Crepe, Oreo Crepe, Banana Chocolate Crepe or any other flavour that you like. For me, I catered to those staying in Shah Alam, especially the U10 area (nearby Bukit Jelutong & UITM Puncak Perdana) and other than Durian Crepe I also make Oreo and Banana Chocolate Crepe.

Here are some of the pictures of Durian Crepe for those of you who have not seen it before...(where have you been, duuuhhhh...)

The famous Durian Crepe

The fillings

Monday, December 17, 2012

What's the deal with this rainbow cake??

Rainbow Cake, Rainbow Cupcakes, Rainbow Cake in a Jar...the 'in' cake for this year. I guess the colorful layered cake is what attracts people to this cake. The recipe is quite simple, it is actually a butter cake but with at least 6 different colors of rainbow, hence...the 'Rainbow Cake'! Based on Wikipedia, the first person who make this cake is Kaitlin Flannery (see her website:http://www.whisk-kid.com/).  And Martha Stewart make it popular after Kaitlin Flannery invited to  The Martha Stewart Show, April 2010.  After that this cake is popular in USA and all around the world, including Malaysia.

Following the recipe to make this cake is easy but the hardest part of it is the layering of the cake. You have to make sure that each layer is exactly the same thickness and you need at least two cake pan to bake each of the colors. Imagine if you only have one cake pan you need to bake six times for you to get the six layers! Waaaa...what a waste of time and electricity! When all the six layers cooled off, you need to sandwiched it with icing (we use buttercream cheese icing, yuummyy!!) and decorate as desired.

It is a very long process but for the love of cakes, we gladly do it...for those of you who wants to try, good luck and take all the time that you need :)

Our Cake in a Jar

Half eaten Rainbow Cake

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I'm baaaccckkkkkk.....!!!!!

Hi y'alls, so sorry have not been updating my blog post for a llllooonngggg time (more than a year to be exact!). The reason being is that I have a baby! Alhamdulillah, Allah have granted our wish...his name is Hairul Khalish. He was born premature at 26 weeks and his birth weight is only 615gms. He is truly a miracle baby, first time I saw him I cried my heart out...he is so tiny! The doctor is only giving him 50-50 chances as he had too many complications. But Allah has given him a chance to live and he pulls through! He was in incubator for almost 3 months and was in the hospital for four months plus. We never fail to visit him everyday in the hospital giving him support and much needed love. Now my baby is with me and everyday I thank Allah for giving us this wonderful gifts. I love you so much Khalish, you are truly a survivor!