Monday, April 11, 2011

Would you like to have your picture on a cake??

Would you like to have a cake that reflects your unique personality and style? Or you want something memorable like your picture or your loved ones on your cake? It's edible so no problem you can eat it if you want too! The image is printed on a rice paper using edible food colors. So it is safe to eat! Lately I have been receiving orders for cakes with edible image. Most of the orders are for kids so they want pictures of cartoon characters but a few years back I received order for pictures from my friend Anna. One was a picture of her daughter and the other one is for her sister in law's engagement. Up to you what picture you want to put on your cake, your wish is my command :) However, I need at least 5 days notice because I need to liase with my printer (how I wish I have the machine to print the image). I wish someone order 'Twilight' image for my birthday cake (hint..hint..for my next year birthday in March)..hehehhe...

Toy Story birthday cake with Chocolate Moist and Strawberry filling

MU Cupcakes

BEN 10 cake for my nephew
Engagement Cupcakes

Edward Cullen Birthday Cake...(dreamy)!! On my wish list, hehehe