Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MY Galley 1st Booth...

Last week I had the opportunity to set up a booth at Malaysian Rubber board in Jalan Ampang, KL. I was told not to expect a large crowd because the booth is set up only for seminar participants. And so yours truly who had such a busy week with the orders five days in a row baked just a few variety of cakes for the booth. I decided to bake Red Velvet (the 'in' cake of this year!), Rainbow cakes with buttercream topping, Vanilla and Chocolate Moist Cupcakes. I don't mind if my cakes are not selling well because the objective of setting up the booth is to introduce MY Galley Artwork to public. And I am able to distribute my flyers and meet up with potential customers. 

And so, I woke up early in the morning (which I don't usually do!) packed my things and head to USJ to meet up with my niece (she's selling clothing by JEMARIKU Collections by the way) and faced traffic jem all the way to KL (gggrrrr!!!!). By the time we reach KL, we are about one hour late but it was ok because the rest of the stall operators arrived at the same time as us. I shared my booth with Mida, my long term good friend who is an Insurance Agent and part time promoter for MY Galley, hehehehe....The response was good, Red Velvet was the top selling cake (as I predicted). And in the future, I hope to set up more booth, hopefully...InsyaAllah...
Pic courtesy of Nazilla

Pic courtesy of Nazilla

My Booth

Nazilla & Asmida at Jemariku Booth

My junior promoter

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Making of Singer Gazelle Series IV

When we hear the name 'Singer' we often associate that name with sewing machines. I thought so too...I received FB Message from my dear niece to make cake for her hubby's birthday, she wanted me to make a vintage car cake. This is my first attempt to make a car cake let alone a vintage car! So I said bring it on...e-mail me the picture of the car! The car name is 'Singer Gazelle', it has many series and this is the IV one...she wants the same color and exactly like in the picture. I googled it and I found this info on the car :

Launched in 1956, the Gazelle was an reasonably attractive car, typical of the new look British built cars of the mid 1950's. The Gazelle managed to rack up just over 100,000 sales before it was replaced by an entirely new shaped car in 1967.

The day before the delivery I started to make the cake. The flavor is red velvet with buttercream filling.The cake is baked in a square tin cake so I have to cut it in the shape of a car then smooth it with buttercream and covered with fondant. That's no easy task! U need to be patience to make this cake because if the fondant is not smooth you have to redo it all over again...arrrggghhhh!!! And so I spent about seven hours just to decorate the cake, based on the picture as I have to check all the minor details such as the car plate no, the side mirror, the logo, etc, etc...
The end result is as you can see from the pics below but I think I need to improve myself, well..practice makes perfect. Hope to get more order for Classic Car Cake (or Sports Car?).... For my niece, Ina I hope you and your hubby like it, thank you for believing in me :)
The original car pic
Red Velvet cake covered with fondant

The front view

With additional side mirror and plate no
Ready for delivery :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why Do I Like to Attend Wedding Functions?

Hi y'all...school holidays already started so kenduri kahwin (wedding parties) pun semakin banyak...for me, I enjoyed attending kenduri kahwin because I get to eat the delicious food (nasi minyak, nyum..nyum..) and the door gifts for guests! Err...I also like to see the pengantin (bride & groom), yeah..that's right must not forget them, they are the centre of attraction, hehehehe...It doesn't matter whether the doorgift is expensive or not, it's the thought that counts. And I have been approached by a few people who wants a few samples from me for their wedding. The price is according to your own budget. Here's a few samples :
Fancy Cookies with Cinnamon flavor

This is the door gift done for a meeting for my dear sis.

Variety of gifts according to your budget and preference

Door gifts done for an engagement party