Monday, April 29, 2013

Cartoon Themed Cakes

Kids nowadays are very smart..they know what they want and they know that their parents will do anything to fulfill their wishes especially on their birthday. I have a great time baking and decorating birthday cakes with cartoon theme. And I love the look on their faces when they saw the cakes that I make. Priceless!! My niece & I have the opportunities to host 'Elmo' themed birthday party for my precious 1 year old son. I wonder what will be the theme for his 2nd birthday next year..hmmm...

Collections of theme cakes over the years

Hello Kitty Rainbow cake
Barbie Cake

My baby 1st Birthday Party with Elmo's theme

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Candy Buffet...sugar overdose?? Happiness overload??

Candy Buffet

Step right up to the candy buffet
It’s a sweet addition to a wonderful day.

This is a treat we are offering to you,
On this beautiful day when we say I Do.

Use the scoop, choose what you like,
Leave some for others,
Be polite.

As you enjoy your bag of treats,
Please remember,


Candy Buffet is a buffet consisting of various types of candy. A candy buffet is great for any occasion; a wedding, birthday party, family gathering,etc. It is based on customer's theme and budget. There are variety of candies you can choose from such as cupcakes, macaroons, fancy cookies, marshmallows, jelly beans, the list goes on and on....

Here are some of our works, need more orders please! Our candy buffet price start from RM250..we offer variety of delicious and mouth watering desserts plus decorations according to your theme, contact us for further information :)