Monday, December 17, 2012

What's the deal with this rainbow cake??

Rainbow Cake, Rainbow Cupcakes, Rainbow Cake in a Jar...the 'in' cake for this year. I guess the colorful layered cake is what attracts people to this cake. The recipe is quite simple, it is actually a butter cake but with at least 6 different colors of rainbow, hence...the 'Rainbow Cake'! Based on Wikipedia, the first person who make this cake is Kaitlin Flannery (see her website:  And Martha Stewart make it popular after Kaitlin Flannery invited to  The Martha Stewart Show, April 2010.  After that this cake is popular in USA and all around the world, including Malaysia.

Following the recipe to make this cake is easy but the hardest part of it is the layering of the cake. You have to make sure that each layer is exactly the same thickness and you need at least two cake pan to bake each of the colors. Imagine if you only have one cake pan you need to bake six times for you to get the six layers! Waaaa...what a waste of time and electricity! When all the six layers cooled off, you need to sandwiched it with icing (we use buttercream cheese icing, yuummyy!!) and decorate as desired.

It is a very long process but for the love of cakes, we gladly do it...for those of you who wants to try, good luck and take all the time that you need :)

Our Cake in a Jar

Half eaten Rainbow Cake

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